Individual training

The most intensive and effective form of training is steady individual instruction.
Of course, a quick tip can also help at short notice, but to increase drastically your performance and the combined joy of shooting, steady training is the guarantor for your progress.

Crash course:
Give your performance the best possible boost!
Receive training in technical details, competition strategies and psychological tools, individually matched to your needs.

Objectivities training with SCATT:
Give your shooting technique the final touch!
With the help of a SCATT system, we analyze and optimize your movements and target processes. The currently most powerful training system in sport shooting allows the objective presentation of the finest details. Thanks to the expertise of our trainers, even the smallest technical discrepancies can be detected and improved during the measurement.
The immediate feedback enables you to correct errors much faster and precise and to increase your performance.
A professional SCATT training is also the ideal gift for the ambitious shooter!

Methodical performance building:
We will work out an individual training plan with you. Matched to your goals, ideas and possibilities, you will be able to tap your full potential with such training instructions.
Considering special training methods, our many years of experience and philosophy, you will receive a detailed training program after an initial analysis and goal coordination. In blocks of approx. four weeks and a continuous performance control, we will constantly refocus on your goal and create follow-up plans, in order to achieve it as quickly as possible.