Group training

Fun and motivation are significantly higher when training in a group than doing individual training. You can discuss experiences in the breaks or at lunch together.

Technique training
The imparted contents give you deeper insights in the areas of position setting, breathing technique, motion sequence and aiming process.
In this course, each participant can immediately test the theory in practice at the shooting range. In this course, we like to show you some technical adjustments you need to make in order to improve your individual technique.

(Bundes) league training:
Special requirements for one-on-one competition
shooting under disturbing influences

Other group courses
Material check-up:

Our specialists will help you to use your material in the best possible way.
After an initial analysis and discussion of the current situation, you will be guided step-by-step in the fine-tuning to adjust and optimize your equipment. You will get insights into ergonomics, optimal weapon attitude, bounce behavior, trigger setting and target image optimization.  Our experts will also willingly answer questions about shooting clothes, ammunition tests and other accessories.

Grip construction workshop:
In small groups of a maximum 4 people, a specialist will show you what is most important when it comes to ergonomic grip design.
You will be actively supported in creating optimal "contact" with the weapon. In this course, we will teach you how to achieve the optimal position of your fingers and heel of hand with the correct use of filler compound and the necessary tools.