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Book pistole shooting, author Heinz Reinkemeier

Pistol Shooting


The Olympic Disciplines

All you need to know about the sport of pistol shooting. 1st English edition, 2013, 224 pages, colour, over 1,200 photos, illustrations and graphics. Includes pictures of top international athletes in action and detailed studio shoots with experts including world champion sport pistol shooter Munkhbayar Dorjsuren, Olympic free pistol champion Uwe Potteck and three-times Olympic RFP champion Ralf Schumann.

Contributions from German national coaches Peter Kraneis and Barbara Georgi and 17 other outstanding trainers and shooters from around the world. A detailed presentation of all the relevant aspects of training and competition.

Divided into sections on technique (precision and rapid-fire), training, tactics, psychological factors and guns. Other topics include the German national league, youth training, supported air pistol, aiming path systems, ammunition testing, mental training, coaching, etc. Theory and practical recommendations and exercises are covered for each topic. A book for shooters at all levels, trainers, coaches and all pistol shooting enthusiasts.

ISBN 978-3-9814287-2-8

other Authors

  • Dr. Alfred Konietzny
  • Peter Kraneis
  • Barbara Georgi
  • Alfons Messerschmirtt
  • Jan-Erik Aeply
  • Matthias Hahn
  • Uschi Seifert
  • Ulrich Eichst√§dt
  • Michel Ansermet
  • Ralf Schumann
  • Nino Salukvadze
  • Uwe Potteck
  • Dr. Robert Loke
  • Gretje Reinemer
  • Wolfram Kriegleder
  • Mike Hecker



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