Mark I Elements


Elegant air rifle stock with many functions and optimal ergonomics.
Easy adjustment and quick exchange of butt plate and cheek piece.
The slim rear stock leaves enough space for all shooting positions - also for benchrest shooters.

Supplied with grip and cheekpiece
Additional accessories available separately (e.g. butt plate, fore-end raiser, supported rail, 4D grip)


- For left and right hand systems
- Butt plate tiltable and sideways by 6 mm steplessly extendable
- The cheek piece can be removed without tools and the height can be adjusted.
- Cheek piece can be shifted 30 mm backwards and forwards
- Grip is longitudinally adjustable over 40 mm (for long and short arms)
- 3D grip joint from Mark I retrofittable
- Only a different adapter plate is required for system changes


Information needed from the customer/dealer:

  •     Stock and Systeme
  •     Cheek piece: right or left, off-hand or supported shooting
  •     Grip: reight (S, M, L) or left (M)