Tube V0


Air rifle tuning tube
- Variable balance by individual positioning of the additional weights
- Stainless steel prism for mounting a SCATT sensor
- Tuning screw with click mechanism
- Continuous prism rail with threaded holes for direct mounting of sighting elevation elements
- Suitable for air rifles with a barrel diameter of 20 mm
- Available with dovetail prism for Walther and for Feinwerkbau
- Individual laser inscription e.g. name, club, nation

The Tube V0 is approx. 3 mm higher compared to conventional barrel extensions
-A 4 mm elevation for the rear sight may be needed

Individual laser inscription:
- Optional on a black or aluminum natural shield
- Font: YU Gothic UI Light
- Font height: 6,4 mm
- Max. 36 characters incl. spaces
- No logos, No special symbols

Tube V0 made of aluminum:
- Weight: 300 grams including 2 weight bars a 40 grams

Tube V0 made of magnesium:
- Weight: 250 grams including 2 weight bars a 40 grams


After the order you will receive an order form from us.

Here you can put together your Tube V0.


RRP in Euro from366,00
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